Meet the Team


A proud member of the SWE team since its inception in 2018, Anna oversees Steven’s many and varied projects and programs as well as being the primary point of contact for SWE customers. With her passion for working with words, she is also the editor of SWE newsletters and online copy. Anna’s rich professional background includes sales and marketing, product promotion, editing and proofreading, event management, and training as a Life Coach. 

Anna is the mother of three delightful girls and is entirely passionate about life—which is abundantly evident in her love of nature, Pilates, salsa dancing, cooking, and being devoted to work that uplifts and inspires others.


For the past 16 years, David has consulted for many organizations, primarily but not exclusively in the nonprofit arena. David's passion is bringing groups of people together around a meaningful common purpose to facilitate achieving their goals in the most productive and effective manner. In all of his work with teams and organizations, he brings an emphasis on mindfulness, elevated communication, and open-hearted connection to the traditional areas of strategic planning, business development, and governance.


Chelsea brings to the SWE team an 11-year history of working with the public in a variety of Customer Service roles and a passion for social media. Her background in Retail and Management has promoted the leadership and technical skills that enable her to support clients at the level of excellence they have come to expect from the SWE team. She has an extensive background in all things social media.

Also an accomplished hair stylist, Chelsea loves making others feel good about themselves by looking their best. A Colorado girl at heart, Chelsea resides at the base of the Rocky Mountains with her husband and son. Their family is rounded out by their 2 dogs and a particularly sassy cat. 


Leah is a graphic designer and art director that is passionate about the arts, holistic health, and the wonders of nature. She has been a professional artist for 15 years and a graphic designer for over 8 years, and has fused the two together to create a unique approach to her work. With SWE, Leah focuses on shaping the company’s visual brand identity and personality to match the energy of Steven’s incredible movement teachings.
Leah enjoys traveling both nationally and internationally to exhibit her artwork in solo and group exhibitions, as well as working as the art director and lead designer for several great companies. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of VA with her fiancé Trent, (Creative Art Director of LHE), and their beloved dog, Ember.