Whether I am teaching Qigong, writing a story, conversing with a client, friend or family member - my experience, strength and hope as a man in recovery comes along with me.

During a Q & A session in a recent broadcast, a participant asked me this question, "What is the best decision you ever made in your life?" My honest answer is the decision I made in 2002 to get sober. 

As an active alcoholic and drug user at the time, my life had become unmanageable. I had reached a point where I could not imagine my life with alcohol and drugs or without it. I was living through a miraculous moment that revealed a tremendous opportunity for me to change and become a better version of myself - invited by my Higher Power to live a life that was beyond anything that I could have imagined. But in order to achieve that, I needed to acknowledge I had a problem, ask for help, clean house and be of service to others. 

My life in sobriety began then and there and everything that I do now has the threads of recovery woven into it. Today, nothing comes before my gift of recovery. This gift is what allows me to stand here as a vessel of hope, inspiration and support for you along your recovery journey. 


Steven's New Book is out November 15th!

Whether one is on the path of recovery or simply feeling adrift and unmoored, Recovering You offers a lifeline to the discovery of a new and better way of being. Steven openly shares his own recovery journey throughout the book while offering powerful self-care practices like journaling, breath work, meditation, self-massage, and, uniquely, a focus on Qigong, the ancient movement practice at the heart of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy. 

Dear Recovering Soul Series

Stories that describe my experience of life through the lens of addiction recovery. I speak to everyone through these stories because we are all recovering from something. Recovery = Change / Transition / Transformation.
Sober Soldier Meditation



A relaxing and empowering meditation to support your recovery journey.