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An online course using Qigong movement for greater health and well-being


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 This Powerful Video Course Includes...

5 Qigong Practices to Calm, Stretch, Strengthen, and Energize the Body

A Livestreamed Video Teaching + Q&A Online with Steven on January 3rd (full replays provided)

Downloadable Worksheets to Help Explore the Concepts in More Depth

A Downloadable Audio Meditation, Featuring the Music of Sound Healer, Davor Bozic, Designed to Relax One's Mind and Body

Private Discussion Boards to Ask Questions, Find Support, and Form Community

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Steven is a Movement Master, Author, and Recovery Advocate who is passionate about helping others navigate towards a happier, healthier life. His lifelong love and a key foundation to his own spiritual fitness is movement ​and he firmly believes our relationship with our body is vital for emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  

Steven had a successful career as a contemporary dancer, working at New York City Opera, Metropolitan Opera, and appearing on Broadway in Disney’s, The Lion King but to help him cope with anxiety and self-doubt, he often relied on drugs and alcohol. Twenty years ago, Steven made a conscious decision to get sober and his true life’s work began. Since then, he has impacted countless lives through movement and his keen ability to connect ​and relate to others.   

During his study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Steven fell in love with Qigong, which he describes as, "A moving meditation that supports the health of our body, mind, and spirit.” He is a Certified Qigong Instructor and a Pilates teacher and has taught individuals and groups for over 20 years. Adding to his knowledge of the body and its energy systems, Steven is also a qualified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist.  

Steven’s online members' communitySWE Studio, has a unique focus on a Pilates/Qigong fusion class and an extensive library of movement, meditation, and other resources for the body, mind, and soul. 

Steven’s writings, articles, and life experiences created the inspiration for his first book, Recovering You, Soul Care and Mindful Movement for Overcoming Addiction. Published by New World Library, the book’s unique self-care focus is complemented by the use of Qigong movements. The opportunity to be of service through his book is particularly meaningful to Steven as it enhances his own growth and recovery while helping others to do the same.  

Steven hosts a monthly Heart/Mind Moments YouTube series with videos on physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and his movement and mindfulness work has received over one million views on YouTube.

How will I benefit from this course?

In 5 days, you'll empower your life by exploring the magnificent energies within and all around you, using Qigong

According to Taoist beliefs and Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are powerful energies in the Universe and within you. The Qigong practices I share with you can enhance these energies. By devoting yourself to this practice for 5 days, you will reduce stress in your life, relieve tension in your body, and create more energy, power, and peace of mind in your daily life.


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Here's what people have to say about Steven's course...

"Steven embodies the spirit of QiGong. He gives very clear directions, which are easy to follow, and his calm, gentle, grounded presence is a joy. He’s very knowledgable and he gave me a number of helpful suggestions to work on the areas I that I was seeking additional support in. Thank you! "

"This program is phenomenal! Thank you so much! QiGong is exactly what I need and your approach to teaching with explanation, breathing exercise, acupuncture massage and the QiGong practice creates a very rich experience. AND the length of the sessions makes it very doable before going to work in the morning. What a way to begin the day! Much love and gratitude!"

"OMG! Steven! I didn't think these exercises would keep getting better day by day! Today felt even more powerful than our first day yesterday! You are truly a Master! I loved the Metal meditation and the metal gong sounds that accompany the guided meditation while working with the light in the lungs! I am fully energized for a heavy work day ahead. Blessings & Love dear one... Thank You! Xx"

"That was wonderful! Thank you so very much. I often feel that peace is the foundation for me to move forward in my goals and relationships....I love your voice and peaceful nature. And, I was pleasantly surprised that the meditation completely supported the qi gong practice. That was delightful. I'm ready to find relaxation in the rest of my day. Thank you!"

"Love, love, love! thank you, it's exactly what I need. It's beautiful, soft and energetically effective. You are a wonderful teacher, thank you for creating it."

"I just finished Day 1 and I am more relaxed, and learned about the acupressure point that I was not aware of - but will do this often now! Each segment is just enough for a whole combined session and you incorporate things so each element flows to the next so nicely."

"Thank you, dear Steven. My body has been challenged with pain this month and I so appreciate learning how to release pain and find body (and soul) peace. "

"This amazing course is by far one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. I have done yoga for years, but never with the same energetic effect as QiGong. It is giving me so much joy and peace. Thank you!!!"

How is the course broken down?





  • Will all of the material be available when I register for the course or is it released over time?

    All of the material will be available to you when you register so you can go through it at whatever pace feels best.


  • When is the live broadcast with Steven? What happens during those sessions?

    On January 3rd, 2023 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm UK, Steven will teach a live broadcast via Zoom which will include audience Q&A plus an all-new Qigong sequence.


  • Do I have to download all these video files in order to watch them?

    No, you can stream all of the video content inside the members' area so it's not clogging up your hard drive.


  • Can I download the worksheets to print out?

    Yes, you can download each module's worksheet inside the private members' area.


  • Does the material expire or can I come back and revisit it whenever I want?

    You'll have lifetime access to the material and it will remain neatly stored for you in the members' area. So, you can come back to it as often as you like and you don't need to worry about storing or finding the files.


  • Can I download the audio meditation so I can save it to my computer, smartphone or tablet?



  • What is the refund policy?

    Refunds will be granted if they are requested within 48 hours of purchasing the course. After that, due to the digital nature of the course, we cannot offer refunds.

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