Since 2019, I’ve been asked to create workshops, video and audio content for a variety of settings ranging from corporations to colleges, and arts programs for children.

The need for mindfulness and movement in these environments is growing by the day. Here is how mindfulness can positively impact a corporate space:

Corporate culture often focuses its attention on strategic management, business practices and innovation. However, a key component to a successful and flourishing workplace are the people who work there. Mindfulness and movement practices in the work place help people to succeed. These practices inspire employees and help them deal with the constant change, demands and stress that exist in corporate environments. A Harvard Business Review article published in December 2015 said it best, "Truly forward thinking leaders recognize that one of the best business strategies is developing the mindfulness of their workforce. A lack of mindfulness robs everyone of the opportunity to see potential paths to success."

I’ve enjoyed taking mindfulness and Qigong into Los Angeles companies and California Institute of the Arts.

Allow me to help your employees reach their full potential. 

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The stresses upon young people today are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Mindfulness can help them thrive in this ever-changing world.

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the now and being present in the moment. Being present isn't always an easy thing to do; and it can be especially difficult for children. Nowadays, there's a pressure for children to have to join everything, be the best at everything, get into the best schools. We live in a fast-paced world and even children are seeking out ways to quiet their lives and slow down. Mindfulness exercises are a simple and free way to be more present in the moment and reduce stress and anxiety.

The simple task of breathing is a great start. The human body becomes tense when we are anxious or nervous and it puts us on high-alert. When we breathe, it turns off the state of high-alert within and allows us to relax. Movement allows children to release excess tension, bottled up energy and allows them to be creative. Practicing mindfulness and movement gives children of all ages a chance to get to know themselves in a new way. 

I’ve created video and audio content for New Mexico School of the Arts and Rosie’s Kids in NYC.

I would love to share these powerful tools with your students.

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